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Danny Stroud is the citizen candidate choice for the 1st Congressional District of Colorado
Danny Stroud...Citizen Candidate for Congress
The League of Women Voters hosted a candidate forum on Oct 11.   here is the video (unedited) of the forum. 
The forum is 42 minutes long.  So you may not have time to watch it in its entirety.    Therefore,  I have attached here my opening statement and closing statement.  

Denver Decides candidate statement (2 minutes)
Danny Stroud...Citizen Candidate for Congress
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Danny Stroud, Citizen Candidate for Congress

I petitioned on to the ballot for the 1st Congressional District (Colorado) as an unaffiliated "citizen candidate" because it needed to be done.

I am registered in neither major party.  I am running as an unaffiliated “citizen candidate”.  Voters are fleeing both parties.  A majority of people think the government has gone too far.  I offer a more sane citizen-focused philosophy and an approach for ALL citizens without the nastiness we see in partisan politics. We must pick the correct opponent. It is not each other.  The opponent is the entrenched establishment in all three branches of the government.

The real fight is less and less about Dem versus Rep. The fight is more about ruling class versus citizen class. The fight between D & R has become ridiculously polarized, forcing a zero sum environment where no one can agree on anything and negotiation is now a dirty word. Citizens and candidates are being forced to take sometimes-ridiculous positions on issues just to pass litmus tests to be accepted by “the party”.

I think there is a common position for the people fighting with the federal government for liberty, prosperity and safety. I think for the vast majority of citizens, the political environment has become increasingly frustrating. They see the federal bureaucrats continue to make the lives of citizens and their businesses increasingly miserable while enriching their own lives. Someone needs to take a stand. We need to come together as a citizenry against the excessive growth, spending and power-grab by federal government. 

People are not stupid.  They see these dynamics.  We need to find leaders, even if the projected outcome of any specific election is certain defeat.  We have to continue the fight.

"All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved". Sun Tzu (author of The Art of War)

In today’s environment we see changing registration moving away from both major parties.   It is a mistake by the R’s to not to fight in every district.  They use words like “futile” and “unwinnable” when referencing the 1st CD.  But because they don’t fight,  I do. I know people say “it is about winning elections” and I get that.   I believe Colorado and CD1 is more liberty-focused than people think. Simply too many people don’t vote because they have been convinced by the establishment that it is futile. 

Millennials (I refer to “young people”) are less inclined to tradition and they are hurting from these economic conditions.  Obamacare is killing them. The job market is downright nasty for them. They are starting to understand taxes and they are understanding regulations more and more. They do not like the hand they have been dealt. 

This seat has been cyclical from the beginning. The last Republican in this seat was McKevitt in the early 70’s. History tells us that it was a major discontent with the federal government that made this happen.  That seems similar to nowadays. This may be an opportunity--- a gift. Schroeder and DeGette have had a stranglehold for too long, no doubt.  But I think the time is fast approaching for a change. The national mood is dour but there still remains a majority with “American DNA”.   When you look the voting numbers here in Denver…  too much “silent majority”, in my opinion.

We cannot “leave the battlefield” just because it seems "futile". It certainly is the easy path.    I am willing to choose the harder right path and continue the fight because this is where I live and I am not willing to just sit by and do nothing.  Maybe my only role will be as a skirmisher.  History will tell.  But I am sure that our founding fathers, when they penned the last sentence of the Declaration of Independence were feeling a little exposed,  too.   Facing the fear and enjoining the battle was the right thing to do then.  It is the right thing to do now.  

So you may say that was war,  and this is politics. True enough.  But this is a fight to keep our liberties as we have known them. There is a lot at stake. We have to work together as citizens to keep the Federal Government from taking them all!


Please consider these questions ….


  * Is the federal government out of control?

  * Is The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) seriously flawed?

  * Is the national debt making you uneasy?

  * Are the scandals in many federal agencies a real problem of integrity and security?

  * Is Congress completely ineffective with gridlock and self-serving policies? Are both political parties to blame?

  * Are you worried about the USA being able to maintain its place as a world leader?

  * Should Congress think more about YOU?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then….

You want a new Congress.   We deserve a better Congress!



  • Veteran. West Point Graduate
  • Long time Colorado resident---more than 20 years
  • Business Owner
  • Married; Father of two daughters, one stepson



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